​You will be asked for the following information on each tag:

  • Category~ Choose a category from the drop-down menu that best describes the item you are listing (I.e., for a girls shirt, you will select girls’ clothing). If the category of the item is not listed, you can leave it blank.
  • Size~ If entering a clothing item, select the size from the drop-down menu under the category.  Choose the appropriate size for your item.

    Sizes: 0~3 months, 3~6 months, 6~9 months, 9~12 months, 12 months,

       18 months, 24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16 (18 and 20 boys).

    Juniors for girls (Sizes 0, 1, 3, etc.).  If size reads small, please try to guess a number size for children’s clothes.  This way they can be placed in the correct size when putting on the rack. For example, a small in girls can usually be a 6~7 size, medium 8~10, etc.

  • Item description~ Include a brief description of the item you are listing (I.e., Gap turtle tee/ Gap denim jeans, etc.).  Please keep in mind…a clear/precise description, allows items to better be recovered if lost in anyway.
  • Price~ Set your own price, all items must be priced of at least $1.00 and in 0.50 cent increments.  Remember, prices should be set 25-40% off the original retail price. **Pricing your items fairly = higher sale rate = higher profits!!
  • Quantity~ This box allows you to add more than one tag at a time if you are selling more than one item with the same price and description (I.e., twins clothing).
  • Discount~ Check the box if you choose to discount your item by 50% to be sold on Sunday at our half price sale.  We recommend choosing to discount the item especially if you intend to donate it.
  • Donate~ Check this box if you wish to donate any unsold item(s).  All items will be donated to selected local charities.
  • Submit~ After selecting all of the appropriate and necessary information about your item, click submit.  The item is then added to your online inventory. Continue this process until you’ve added tags for every one of your items that you will be selling.

       **If you do not see all of the items that you are adding in your

          inventory, you will want to check the box that says “By default.”

          Only the last 5 items entered the show.  By checking this, all items that you have entered in your inventory will show.

       **You can also Delete Items singularly or in multiples.  As well as

            Discount or Donate items you may have overlooked.

  • Save~ Make sure that you save your tags as you go.

          **The tagging system will time you out after 15 minutes, so periodically

          saving as you go, will prevent you from losing items you have


  • Finished~ After you are finished creating your tags, you will click the “I’m Finished For Now” button.  This will bring you back to your account page.
  • Preview~ Before you print, we suggest that you “Print Preview” your tags to make sure there is a clear and legible Barcode on each tag.  We cannot accept items with tags that do not have clearly printed bar codes.

      **If there is NO barcode on your tags in the Consignor Tag window

         you will either need to:

         1.) Disable your pop-up blocker on your internet or

         2.) Use Internet Explorer and not Firefox (sometimes consignors have

             trouble when printing in Firefox).

         3.) For Apple and Mac computer users, you need to scale your tags

             to make them larger, since Apple computers tend to print tags too small.  If they are not scaled and print small, the barcode on the tag will not scan.

  • Print~ Once you are ready to tag your items, select “Print” and all of your created tags will be printed for your entered inventory.  Don’t forget to use 60-67 lb. card stock when printing your tags.

         **If you have signed out and are logging back in, you will click on the

              “Work With Consigned Inventory” link.  Then select the link for either

           “Print All Tags” or “Print Selected Tags.”  You can either print them all at once or print the individually selected ones if you have already previously printed some.

How to Tag Your Items:

ALL items must be carefully inspected.  Accepted items cannot be stained, soiled, faded, peeled, torn, holes, have missing buttons, clasps or snaps, have broken or separated zippers, animal hair or unpleasant odor.  We recommend ironing all fabric items before tagging. Items must be in good working order and complete (no missing parts); free from wear and tear, and free from extensive sun damage and fading.

         **The most important step in tagging your items, is to make sure ALL

            tags are SECURE.  Be advised that if a tag becomes separated from

            any item, and is not able to be located in the system, the item will

            not be sold.

Please make sure your items are securely hung on properly sized hangers.  Make sure all bags, boxes, zip lock bags, etc. are taped shut with packing tape to ensure that the contents are not removed or able to spill out.  DO NOT TAPE OVER BARCODES. Although packing tape is clear, it interferes with the scanner used at check-out. Make sure your barcodes are crisp and that you can see white in between the black lines.


Use a tagging gun (preferred) and/or safety pins to tag all clothing items.  Position hanger so that it looks like a question mark (?). Hang item on the hanger before tagging.  Next, tag items in the upper right-hand corner. When using a tagging gun, tag through the right side, thicker seam of the item.  Be careful not to create holes in clothing, that will discourage buyers from purchasing. Pants are to be secured in full view, no folding over the hanger.  (Securing with safety pins seems to work best!)

Two-piece outfits & sets…Hang shirts on hanger first, then turn hanger and attach pants, leggings, skirts, etc., placing them back~to~back.  This allows customers to see a complete outfit/set. Make sure to catch the hanger with the safety pin, allowing hanger to support the weight of the pants, etc., preventing any tearing or holes.

Clothing items that are sold with coordinating pieces like belts, hats, socks, etc., are best placed into a Ziploc bag, labeled and secured with packing tape.


Shoes must be odor~free! Shoes must be scuff~free and CLEANED top and bottom.  Shoes must be secured in pairs (zip~ties work best!). The tag should be securely placed in~sight and again, barcode crisp and uncovered.


Toys must be CLEAN!  ALL toys must be in working order and include ALL working parts.  ALL battery~operated toys must have working batteries and will be tested upon check~in.  Make sure all pieces are bagged, taped and secured. Make sure the bar code tag is securely attached to the toy(s).

**Be sure to check the CPSC website for any recalls!

Bedding & Blankets

Must be clean, free of stains, rips, and tears.  Please be mindful of not damaging fabric upon tagging and make sure tag is visible.  Some items, such as baby bedding, bumpers, sheets, pillowcases, etc., may be more secure in large Ziploc bags.

Furniture & Baby Gear

ALL must be in the “like~new” condition!  Clean, and free from any wear~and~tear as well as any sun damage and/or fading.  Again, any small parts or pieces should be bagged, labeled and taped.

ALL baby carriers and slings should be securely pinned to a hanger.  Again, position hanger to look like a question mark (?) before tagging item to the right.  DO NOT TAPE OVER ANY BARCODES!

**Be sure to check the CPSC website for any recalls!

All Other Loose Items

Items such as socks, hats, bibs, bottles, etc. are best sold in labeled Ziploc bags…securely taped and tagged!



Please bring all of your items, grouped by size and gender.  Using rubber bands to group together items of the same size and gender, allows for easier check~in during drop~off times (by appt. ONLY).

***Please note that Duds for Love Bugs reserves the right to reject items at drop~off.  Items may also be removed from the sale floor, that we consider inappropriately prepared, tagged or over~priced!

Loss/Theft & Damages

Unfortunately, loss/theft and damages can occur at these types of events.  As a consignor, you must sign your Consignor Agreement stating that Duds for Love  Bugs is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of all items submitted and sold at our event.  Please be assured that DFLB will take every precaution to keep ALL of your items safe and secure!

​All items that are part of our sale must have a bar code label.

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