Most important to our vision, is maintaining a standard of high-quality items.  We have a mantra, and that is “We’re not as much a label snob, as we are a quality snob!”  We don’t want rips, stains, holes, or smell. We don’t care where they come from, as long as they’re in “gently-loved” condition.

However, for items that don’t quite make the cut…We have created the PURPLE PLAY RACK of play clothes!

There are three important rules to Always remember about the Purple Play Rack…

Rule #1:  All items entered onto the Purple Play Rack have maximum price of $15.00.

NOTHING on the Purple Play Rack can be priced higher than $15.00.

Rule #2:  When tagging your merchandise, items that you are entering onto the Purple

Play Rack must have “PPRack” in item description of the label.

Rule #3:  All items that you are entering onto the Purple Play Rack MUST be marked to DISCOUNT and DONATE.

Essentially, ALL items put onto DFLB Purple Play Rack…will either Sell or be Donated!

​Therefore, all items on the Purple Play Rack have the same opportunity to be sold as every other item in the DFLB sale during the first two days of sale.  However, any Purple Play Rack remaining item(s) on Sunday (10a.m.~2p.m.) Automatically go to 50% off.

Any remaining items after 50% off sale, are now at the Donation stage.

100% of all remaining Purple Play Rack items after 2:00p.m. become property of DFLB and will be donated to the Crisis Nursery.

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Duds for Love Bugs

Duds for Love Bugs